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SM Day 24 [24 Jul 2011|09:19pm]
Closest GH friend:

I don’t really have a super close friend on GH, but I will say that I love talking to Bex because we both enjoy the same kinds of video games! haha

SM Day 23 [23 Jul 2011|10:22pm]
Worst casting decision:

I really have that issues with any of the cast members, but I do wish that Lavender Brown was someone else. There was something annoying about her. I know her character is suppose to be annoying, but she was just not who I wanted to see. She used to be my favorite when I read the books. :]


SM Day 22 [22 Jul 2011|11:48pm]
What you would say to get someone hooked on GH:

There really isn't that much to say since they would already like Harry Potter! But I guess I could always say that I'm there, so even if they don't enjoy it all that much, I can still be there for them to enjoy. ;) But I don't know why anyone wouldn't enjoy themselves at Great Hall.

SM Day 20 [20 Jul 2011|11:52pm]
Favorite GH contest:

Cryptogram! I did my first one last Spirit Month and I love it. I never thought I would like them until I did it last year and it was so fun. I think I enjoy Harry Potter ones though because I just know more about it so I can figure them out faster. :]

SM Day 19 [19 Jul 2011|11:55pm]
Best HP book cover:

I don’t think these are real, but I love them. They are so simple, but show an image of a key thing. The art is just so pretty.
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SM day 18 [18 Jul 2011|11:49pm]
Best HP movie one-sheet:

It is so dramatic and it made me feel so sad...but in a good way kind of. You know? haha.

SM Day 17 [17 Jul 2011|11:57pm]
Ship/OTP you wish would’ve happened but didn’t:

I always wanted Harry and Cho to end up together. I know…seems odd, but when I read the books I just got so excited that Harry liked someone and I just wanted it to work out for him. I even started a thread on HPB to ship them! But…there was only one other person in there..heh. Still. <3

SM Day 16 [16 Jul 2011|11:49pm]
GH member you wish you knew better:

I love the people I Mod with, but I never get to talk to them that much! :[ This is especially true for Nadya! I wish I knew her more than I do now. :]

SM day 15 [16 Jul 2011|12:05am]
HP fact you wish had been revealed or proven true but wasn't:

I've always told people that I wondered how they do laundry. It sounds really stupid, but seriously! My guess is that they just left them out and the house elves took care of it, but who knows since that's a TON of clothes to wash and then return to the right person. haha :]

SM Day 13 [14 Jul 2011|12:25am]
HP character least like you:

This is the lamest answer, but I'm going to say any of the Death Eaters (I guess besides Snape). I'm rereading the 7th book before the movie comes out and just the way they view people and the world is just so odd to me. I've never had so much hate toward a group of people so I just don't understand them.

SM Day 12 [12 Jul 2011|11:06pm]
Favorite GH game:

I don't play many games on GH, but I do enjoy TPBM. It lets me get to know others while they get to know me! :]

SM Day 11 [12 Jul 2011|12:14am]
Your patronus:

I’ve always talked to people about this because I could never think of an animal that would be like me. It’s hard to pick an animal that you think represents you. I think overall, it would have to be a rabbit. The way I figure this out is that your patronus is the same as your animagus (if you are one). I’ve always thought that I would want to transform into a rabbit, therefore making my patronus a rabbit. :]

SM Day 10 [10 Jul 2011|10:45pm]
Toad, cat, rat or owl:

While I have gotten into owls recently, I don't think I could ever NOT get a cat if it was an option. Seriously. I just love them! There's never been a year in my life where I didn't have a cat at home. So, cats all the way! :D

SM Day 9 [09 Jul 2011|11:19pm]
HP spell you wish you could do:

There are so many great spells out there, but I would LOVE to have Accio for the pure reason that I am lazy and I would never have to get up to get anything ever again. : D


SM Day 8 [09 Jul 2011|02:22am]
Favorite GH lesson:

I don't know if I can think of any specific lessons at the mo, but I do know my favorite subjects. I enjoy Muggle studies quite a bit because it's mostly about things I normally know, but I really enjoy Care of Magical Creatures. The other subjects have real information based on real life, but CoMC is purely fantasy based! There's so much more information than what is told in the books, so I love to learn about the different creatures. :]

SM day 7 [08 Jul 2011|01:35am]
Today: HP character most similar to you.

This is actually a tough one because I’m not THAT similar to many of the characters. It’s kind of like bits and pieces of many of them, but for the sake of answering the question I am going to pick Hermione. I know I know….how boring of a character, but really! I have two guy friends that I always hang out with and now I happen to be dating one of them, I LOVE to read, I enjoy school, AND both of my parents are muggles. ;)

SM Day 6 [06 Jul 2011|10:41pm]
Today: OTP.

There are so many couples I really like in the series, but overall I love Ron and Hermione. I KNEW KNEW KNEW Ron and Hermione were going to end up together from the beginning. They were always bickering and it was cute. :]

SM day 5! [05 Jul 2011|10:43pm]
Today's topic is what part would you want to rewrite.

This is a hard one because everything is written for a reason so I couldn't imagine rewriting anything. I eventually just picked the relationship of Tonks and Lupin. It seemed to just pop out of nowhere in Half Blood Prince. Tonks was sad because she wanted Lupin, and then freaked out in the hospital wing after the Death Eater attack about it. I guess I wish it was more hinted at or talked about because I like seeing relationships develop (ie Harry and Ginny or Ron and Hermione). :]

SM Day 4! [04 Jul 2011|11:37pm]
Happy 4th everyone! Today! Pick a character that you love to hate.

I have a tie today, and it’s SO hard to pick, so I’m talking about both. My first is Umbridge. And I know, I know. EVERYONE hates her, but that’s okay…because no one should! She is such an evil woman! I just remember watching the 5th movie with the part when Harry is in detention. He writes a few lines and realizes that it’s cutting the back of his hand and he looks up and her. She just looks at him and says, “yes?” UGGGH! She is just so evil.

Moving onto the second person. I CANNOT stand Fudge. He is just incredibly annoying. He spends forever being a rude butt about Harry and Dumbledore by turning the Wizarding World against them! :[ And THEN ends up believing them after he sees him…..really? Check out my post below about how I feel about this.

SM Day 3 [03 Jul 2011|09:21pm]
Today's topic is, what's your favorite quote from either the books or the movies?

"For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud."

Dumbledore said that in Prisoner of Azkaban the movie version. I love it because it shows that even though there is bad in the world, we don't have to worry about it all the time. We are safe in our dreams. :]

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